Marketing 101

I illustrated this at our last Main meeting.
Some of our Members have asked me for a Marketing segment (I invite you to comment).

Here is an example of an Insurance Agent crying about slow/lost business that sent out 10,000 full size postcards (44cents each vs 31 for standard postcards). He only got 5 responses and no business. I should have walked (no run) away when his insurance quote for half my policies was $3,000 over the existing. And he wasn’t available to attend our meeting Tuesday because he was helping his wife pack for the trip to Florida the following Friday.

What am I saying?
Mistake #1 He spent 13 cents/each too much for oversized Postcards.
#2 One contact with 10,000 people is not nearly as effective as 2,000 people, 5 times each and you spread your costs out.
#3 As he presented me with his overpriced quote, he should have reviewed WHY it was higher than my existing policies and prices. Maybe I’m not covered for something important that he could have shown me. Maybe Apples for Apples he is lower? He’ll never know now!
#4 As Emeril Lagasse says “Life just doesn’t hand you things. You have to get out there and make things happen.” Want more business? Get out there and speak to people. Present at our meetings. “Why bother?” ain’t gonna help you!

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