Low flow toilets that leak? March 10, 2010

I’ve got an Eljer “Low Flow” toilet in my half bath and one of my apartments. They were installed around 2002 and a Tenant happened to notice his ran all the time (thank you). I then noticed the other ran often.

I then tried the flapper repair kits from Eljer, SealMaster, Korky and WalRich. And two Plumbers, to no avail. Incidentally to test a toilet, place a dye pellet in the tank behind/above the seat base and see if it leaks into the bowl. Or you can shut off the supply below the toilet and see if the tank empties on it’s own. Caution sometimes these shut-offs will leak so have a wrench to tighten the valve packing should it leak.
Click – Tom the Plumber

We then successfuly replaced both toilets with a Kohler and an American Standard (because one toilet is a different size – 10″ which is the distance from the closet hold down bolts to the wall. Most toilets are 12″).

Both leaking toilets will be in the back of my pick-up for another day or two and unless someone can give me Eljer’s address to send them back to they’ll head for the dump! Mike

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