Longevity, Ask an Expert, Jake Roman.

I swim at the Y most mornings (Ocean from June to October). A gentleman I see at the Y very often, is as sharp as tack, very lucid! We were discussing a Painting (by Fitz Hugh Lane, the first Artist who mastered the Luminary Technique) that Jake bought for $18.00 and resold at Auction for $105,000.00 (impressed). I’ve got an original John Hancock Commission, so one thing led to another and he told me about his last birthday, 99, this year (even more impressive). Some of the guys asked:

What is the secret of your Longevity? Jake’s answer:  “Get up early every day. Have a place to go to. Act like you’ve been there before!” Personally I believe a lot of our Health problems have to do with overeating but I’ll defer to the expert! Thanks Jake!

If you do something that you believe is Helpful for Good Health and longevity, you can hit comment and we’ll post it.

photo(12)Thank you Allison but No Jake is on the left, I, Mike Hurney, am on the right!

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