Locks, AntiVirus solutions and Wholesaling A-Z

We had 3 presentations last Tuesday.

1. DJ and Steve from Dabbs Lock in Medford a local small business owned by DJ

DJ covered Schlage – No Key Control, Interchangeable Cores – Some Key Control & ABLOY TOTAL KEY CONTROL and which are vulnerable to Picking, Bumping and Drilling

Also how to handle access to your Units and the Liability that may be involved.

He performed a demonstration on one of Mike Fs keys. Mike read the key number and DJ made him an exact replica within a minute, Security? I don’t think so. Then DJ advised us how maximize our security.

Special Offer for those attending Tuesday’s meeting: Site Surveys – No Charge, Sit-down Consultations – No Charge, Immediate Orders – 15% total scope of work for initial and 1 year after, Future Orders – 10% for first year Members of MassRealEstate.net Only

Congratulations to Tony, who won the evening’s door prize from DJ:

2. Next we covered Computer Security with Stanley – Who hasn’t received a suspicious Email with. No Subject in it or a .zip file attached to it? Right, delete immediately!

Stanley reminded us that all the cute thumb drives we buy are manufactured in the East where they’re noted for including spyware. Solution Format that thumb drive as soon as you plug it in, then put your information on it!

He also advised us to place a “bogey” in our address books on every email system we use: Make a contact   Name – “AAA” with “your email address”. That way you receive the suspicious email from a worm or Trojan BEFORE everyone on your address list does.

Viruses now infect Apple products (Iphones, Ipads and Laptops) & .pdf files are now regularly corrupted!

Stanley recommended Spybot Search and Destroy for AntiAdware and It does help to prevent you from going to “bad” websites. It does this by placing entries in your system hosts file. Use Microsoft Security Essentials for AntiVirus protection. Make sure you regularly Backup your system and all it’s information and Stan is happy to help with questions or service! Member discount.

3. Wholesaling, incidentally we didn’t get out of our meeting until after 10 and I don’t think anyone left early. Bill went through the forms he uses and more importantly his mindset and wording to approach Sellers. He’s into Full Disclosure and very successful at it. He recounted how he was concerned about spending $200.00 for a Paint Job which advertised his services on his “ride”. Driving up Route 1 a gentleman almost ran him off the road trying to get him to pull over and buy his house. Bill actually made over $10,000. on his Wholesaling/Assignment of that deal!

Incidentally you don’t need to paint your own “ride” and alienate family and friends, you can buy some magnetic signs from Vistaprint that should get the word out for you! We also covered Inspection contingencies and bringing Contractors in when you’re unsure, Refunds on your deposit with the Seller DO NOT go beyond the Dates you have to perform or YOU WILL lose that money. Why he insists on a NonRefundable deposit from his buyers and the only condition when he will refund that.

Thanks to New and renewing Members Scott, Jason, Ashok, John, Delson, Nathaniel, Eammon, Bradford, Sean, Russell, Mary, JT, Norman, Mark, Damian & Carl.

I believe all our members now have the Sherwin Williams HUGE discount card. It’s the only paint I’ll use! Some members may not be in the Home Depot 2% cashback program, call my cell and I’m glad to walk you through it. 781-405-1845

See you soon, Mike next Movers and Shakers Friday July 12. [email protected]

PS Wow rates shot up yesterday with Bernanke’s announcement, I hope you were locked in. If not, we can float and lock on a dip. [email protected]

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