Let’s get back to …..

(Email that went out this morning)

Hey Mike and Fellow Investors, 


I can recall getting back to … and my best teachers/instructors started with:

“Let’s get into this “NEW” material!” later we’d go back and review but the interest and momentum had begun.

Ingenious, Who’s not interested in NEW?

So here’s where I am this morning and can I help you with anything?

1. Financing/Refi – guaranteedrate.com/MichaelHurney I’m still at 5.00% (30FRM) and 3.875 5yr adj. However I like this NEW Refi program that will do 105% of Appraised value not the old 80%. You can call me at 781-405-1845 or Email [email protected]

2. MassRealEstate.net – I’ve got some NEW material for the Blog (I’ll place this email on the blog, I’m not sure Email is all it’s cracked up to be anymore – hence my increase in Social networking). I’m excited we’re in a new area of finance for bigger projects with Sean Carpenter for September 29. And of course I owe you a NEW video at the home page.

3. Apartments – I’ve got a gentleman finishing a closet and this studio is ready to go for $875+ (#76 Pleasant St, Marblehead, MA). I’ll post a NEW ad on Craigslist and try the Apartment listing I recently saw Amanda Nash advertising on.

4. Condos – Friends have asked me to help them sell two that I feel are priced a little high. MLS#70945850 #33 Bristow St, Saugus, MA 4/2/1 $199,900. and MLS#70934257 #5455 North Main St U19C Fall River, MA 4/2/1 $119,900. I don’t think most buyers see Real Estate that’s beyond their Approval limits and make low offers. Today I feel you have to be in that Zone of price. I’ll speak to the owners, again, with my recommendations and make a video, possibly listing it on Ebay following my friend Chris Bowers (excellent) Ebay class last week.

5. You can kill two birds with one stone when you invest your retirement funds in something you know well. That is Tax FREE or Deferred and an Investment YOU know. Where’s the stock market going today? I can guess but this is my retirement money. What can I do with Real Estate I buy below market? Sell at the Market price and increase my Retirement funds! You can also lend money as Mortgages, Trust Deeds & Promissory notes or Buy a business. Last week Roberta (in our EntrustNewEngland.com office 781-639-8616) said there’s been a lot of recent activity with Mortgage Lending, Business Startups, Funding of NEW Banks and a lot of inquiries for Gold which she cautioned: “If the dollar strengthens Gold may go down.” Gold’s beyond me, I’ve always considered it a disaster hedge – If things are bad Gold does well so I’ve been reluctant to invest in it. Real Estate I understand.

You can check out our Events. EntrustNewEngland.com Today we’re meeting in the SpringHill Suites Lobby at 11:00 am “Buy Real Estate, Make Private Loans – Tax Free or Tax Deferred”

See you soon, Mike Hurney

MassRealEstate.net PO Box 307, Marblehead MA. 01945, 781-639-8616



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