Last Tuesday 4/24 and next Movers and Shakers 5/18

Hey Fellow Real Estate Investors,

Good meeting last Tuesday 4/24 and more importantly most members did some business.
As my mother often told me when I was young “Seek and ye shall find!” (meaning find it yourself and don’t bother me;-) but more recently I’ve found it to mean: Whatever YOU look for, and ask for, YOU will find! So don’t keep your Successes or Concerns a Secret when you attend our upcoming meetings.

Meeting – A member looking to overcome a little shyness with making offers found a solution.
(Whoops that was for me to send him Lesson #4 of my famous course
“How to Become a Real Estate Investor in 12 Easy Lessons”) Henk, it’s in the mail! Email that is.

Next Don told us of his marketing progress with finding interested Sellers (a huge 11+% response),
also how he’s able to find a property’s true value which let’s him accurately make offers.
Another investor, Jane, is working in the same area and they’ll probably work together.
Now I’m working with Jane to try and refinance three of her properties that have rates around 6.5%

Flory used Noel 617-347-6850 to stage a house then he it got under agreement and should be ready for another.

With only those few examples, it’s easy to see we’ve got a lot of local Talent and Expertise for networking and I’m glad it’s working so well.

Speakers/Experts – Dave was good. He’s the exterior contractor that installs Windows, Doors, Siding and Gutters You can call him for advice at 978-532-5410 or an estimate. He’s now got a Banner on the home page.

John MacIssac the lead Inspector showed us how you save Time and Money by hiring him, up front. You really don’t save anything when you try to determine what does have lead paint on it and try to remove it. Delead yourself? I don’t think so, least not the first time! 800-349-7779

Adam from IEE the DeLeading training school, explained When you need a license and how to get a it, expiration dates, fees and uses. Several of our Do-it-yourself members are already qualified for this. 603-845-6326

Tom on Heating, Gas fitting and Plumbing 617-697-7330. It’s often better to work on a Time and Materials basis with an Upset price rather than a Fixed Bid and Tom explained why. He then went on: “For one quarter of the price of a new car you can now get a new heating system or complete bathroom makeover. All the incentives are there now. Including your tax refund. You can’t change the economy but you can change your own realm. Don’t wait until Winter.

Lisa asked me How to get information on our Homepage Blog? It’s through the “Comment” button on each Posting however I’ll see if our WebMeister can get postings directly on it.

I’ll see you soon at Movers and Shakers 5/18/2012 7-8:30 PM and our Survey should be out shortly.

Mike Hurney, Director PO Box 307, Marblehead, MA 01945 781-639-8616

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