Last weekend UP7, Deals & You’re not in Sales, you’re in Real Estate? Oh yea!

I had a great time at the Ultimate Partnering 7  (August 14-16)this past weekend. I’m in on 2 new ventures, another didn’t seem to have enough upside for the Manager, never mind the partners they’re looking for and the fourth was an out and out disaster. It’s important to stay in touch with your gut and NOT be so optimistic because something seems new and hot.

Out of 600 people I was only able to meet about 35 and exchange cards. One of the networking techniques Dave insisted on, was for us to exchange Biz cards BUT write down what your new contact was looking for and the name of their favorite pet on the back of their card.

Over and over I answered that I’d like to get better organized. Someone finally asked me “Huh, like what?” I answered, Well my phone is filled with pictures and two of my laptops are also loaded, so I can’t seem to get anything done on them. After much prodding from friends and new friends I went to MicroCenter, bought a new external 2Terabyte drive ($80.), Allison sent me a video on how to download and store on it, now I have an organized and accessible library and my devices can crank!

Next was what to do with the stacks of biz cards I collect and seldom integrate to our network. Nicole from Chicopee (these UP7 investors were from ALL over the country) solved this problem recently. She said there are two scanners that will take biz cards, organize them and put them in your email system. Fujitsu and Neat, both around $400. Neat is the best but she had 1/2 price deal on a Fujitsu that’s met all her expectations. Let me think about this…

My favorite pet? Yes my daughter Victoria’s wild, rescue, Collie – Louie who was able to tear my house apart during the short two months he stayed with us:-( Yes as a Landlord I know better…

You’re not in Sales, you’re in Real Estate? I don’t think so. Everything you do is Sales. So I’ve got a Tip for you about the biggest mistake I see New or Intermediate Investors making:

Incidentally – You’re an Advanced/Big Time Investor? No, that’ll shut down almost every conversation you’ll ever have with any Real Estate Investors. I like to come in under-estimated, so I’m a Beginner/Intermediate Investor! I find people much more friendly and giving. You’re welcome to try it, you can leave that ego at the door and let me know what you’re up to.

Back to Sales, here’s what happened when you left UP7 (or our meetings) and spoke to Friends, Family and other Real Estate Investors:

friend “How was it?”

*I just came from Dave Lindahl’s Ultimate Partnering 7, he’s a multi millionaire investor that’s got thousands of apartments and he trains people to be just like him!

*I’m going to buy Single Family houses to FLIP for Quick Cash.

*Then I’ll buy Multi Families for residual, monthly cash flow.

*We’re looking at Emerging (low value areas that are starting to Appreciate rapidly) Markets to invest in all around the Country.

*There was a woman there that took 18 months to get her first deal, but she was persistent and bought 350 units with $150,000. in equity.

*A gentleman, Saul, that was on his butt from losing a job, a business, his home and almost his family. He took control with Dave’s help and now has almost 800 units, buying another 150 and selling one of his 200 unit building to net over $250,000.

friend “I gotta go.” and that friend won’t walk away, they’ll run…


Because you’ve broken the Cardinal Rule of Sales – (you have one mouth and two ears) You have no idea where your friend is mentally, psychologically engaged with you and your projects or not and what are their concerns. These friends will usually make fun of your new venture, whether it’s out of jealousy or a lack of understanding and you may be chastised by family, friends and potential investors.


Let’s try this, recall your equipment: one mouth and two ears, so you should be listening twice as much as you speak!

I like to let folks know one tidbit of what I’m working on, then listen. If you listen carefully you’ll find out what those folks are looking for to be involved with you (or not) in your new venture.

Good luck investing, Mike

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