Last Tuesday’s meeting, 4/10, 4/28 & the Junkyard Dog!

Last Tuesday, it was good to see you Fellow Contractors, Landlords and Real Estate Investors to complete our “interiors” design and estimating workshops. (Flooring was 2/24, Kitchens 3/31). There were so many tips to save money and do it right, that make sense and you don’t even think of them unless you’re doing it full time.

I’m glad we had a minute to introduce ourselves, what we do and what we’re looking for. If you couldn’t find it at that meeting whether it’s Electricians, Plumbers, GCs, Appraisers, Buyers, Lenders, Inspectors, SF investors, flippers, Sellers, Commercial investors, etc, then you must have attended a different meeting than the one we were at.

Of course you can always send me an email [email protected] if you’re looking for anyone you  may have missed. By the way, someone left a notebook (paper, not computer;-) if you’d like it back?

Welcome New and Renewing members!

By request, we’re moving our Movers and Shakers from tomorrow evening to Friday April 10, 7-8:30pm at Denny’s of Danvers.

Our main meeting, the Last Tuesday of the month April 28 6:30-9pm will feature the return of the JunkYard Dog of eviction Attorneys, Rick Connors AND segments for Investors, Landlords and Contractors. Back at the SpringHill Suites Hotel 43 Newbury Street (Route 1 North just before Sonic carhop) No charge to members, Only $99./year to join or $25. at the door.

I look forward to see you soon, Mike Hurney, Director PO Box 307, Marblehead, MA 01945 office 781-639-8616

PS Although we didn’t have time to discuss “Winning bids” with everyone, I’m glad to share how I’ve done it in the past. It seems that no one wants to Speak First by offering their Bid on a job because they think the “Savvy” Owner/Builder/General Contractor will shop it around. I’ve had success with my bids having this breakdown of these line items:

1. All materials and their Cost.

2. NTE (Not To Exceed) price for different phases of the project.

3. Labor costs.

Here’s the caveat – I’ve found the less knowledgeable that an Owner/Builder/General Contractor is, the more apt they are to go for the Lowest price which usually costs them much more with Extras that a less than upfront Contractor will come back with, in the middle of the job.

There’s a lot of work out there guys, don’t sell yourself short, good luck, Mike

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