Last Tuesday, main meeting.

Good meeting last Tuesday! (7/31/09)

Kitchens went over extremely well. There was a lot of interest, as well there should be! that’s the MONEY room!

An interesting question arose at the end which I think is important to everyone “My Real Estate Broker said not to bother doing the Kitchen over (we were going to update it, when we moved in 12 years ago). Let someone else do it. Your tastes may be different. You might like Black granite and I might like uba tuba granite”

I spoke to Merritt, the Depot Kitchen designer and several Real estate Brokers since. The consensus was, if you’re not a Pro DO NOT do it! It will be a deduction or credit to the Buyers if it’s not done well!

Meaning – despite the design expertise your mother gave you credit for, your taste is unique and unlikely to be at the forefront of a trend. A pro like Merritt can help you, he sees it all day long!

Want ot be a Pro yourself. Hit the next 50 Open Houses in your area,  price range and the range just above you. Record what’s in the kitchens, maybe even a digital photo List 1. Appliance finish, 2. Counter material and color, 3. Cabinet material and style. 4. Floor.  Tabulate your results. Now what has sold and for how close to the asking price? Next Sunday  another 10 (and I can not over stress the value of attending Open Houses enough. It’s the crux of your marketing machine.) Now predict which of those 10 houses will sell the quickest and closest to the asking price? finally call (781-405-1845 cell) me with your new results. We’ll have coffee and see how you’ve done. I do this week in, week out and I’m glad to share my own findings with you!


PS One of the types of Ice Cream for the meeting was (since so many asked) Island Way Sorbet from Costco, l0w calorie and it disappeared fast.

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