Last Tuesday Foreclosures.

Last Tuesday our meeting consisted of Foreclosures from a list but not how to use them. I used part of Tony Young’s (Speaker that did a presentation for us in January)package on How to use this list.

A. He’s got a great section on how to place your property into a Prospectus format that’s usually EXPECTED by people with money when you approach them. Frankly I’m a little embarrassed by the proposals folks present to me to borrow money. Not how but what! You can write everything an investor needs on a napkin in a coffee shop. E.g. 1. What the Fixed-up selling price is based on recent exact comparable sales? 2. What it will take to get there? 3. What can you get it for? 4. How you came up with this information?
Tony’s Books, CDs and DVDs are only $795. and I’ll extend or start a year’s membership ($99/yr) with us in the to make his offer even better!
It’s a comprehensive guide on Foreclosure laws, Sequence of Foreclosures, The System you’ll use, common FEARS and how to overcome them, Who to work with, Using accurate Comparables for your price guide, Selling expenses, Writing a professional Prospectus, Assigning contracts and Best of all you can attend his BootCamp and learn in person from the Master! You can call my cell and we’ll put it together, Mike 781-405-1845

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