July 29, 2014 Cookout at 3 Trask Road

We went through a ton of food and soft drinks last night as we showed the (almost) finished 3 Trask Road in Peabody.

Home Depot, where we purchased most of the upgrade materials donated a New Brinkman Grill that Art and Sylvia Gagnon won as a door prize. Thanks Ken!

Tom the Plumber 617-697-7330 who brought all the Plumbing up to code donated the smoked marinated ribs which disappeared quickly.

We found out that Shawn the Electrician 617-308-1184 who upgraded all the electrical work that had not previously been permitted or done correctly, was also a Chef, he donated his cooking skills so everyone had food on time.

Then our discussion on the costs and sequence of this project especially:

How NOT to handle tough Tenants.

Why the Building Code is important and Easier to comply with up front.

When to have Back-up contractors?

Rules for Listing a Property FOR SALE on the MLS.

How to Price a Property for a Quick HIGH sale?
Good to see and network with you guys and I’ll see you soon, Mike Hurney


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