Last night & have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Good Afternoon fellow Investors,

We had a very informative meeting last night:
* Jeannine went through the “60 ways to grow your email list” and also offered her expertise to review any email campaigns you’re putting together.

* Then our Auctioneer advised us on How to arrive at a Price the Auctioneer/Bank will gavel as successful. Selecting Comparable recent sales and what percentage to use.
Also what is so important on the Memorandum of Sale that you’ve got to check as soon as possible. And 2nd bidder language he started incorporating years ago that can backfire on Sellers.

* Rich our member Master electrician took us through recent code changes that anyone rehabbing or building has got to incorporate: GFI’s Arc Fault breakers, Tamper proof outlets,
Photo electric or Ionization Sensing detectors – which one is THE only kind acceptable for Smoke/fire alarms. And of course he’s offered to help members with their Construction estimates.

* Leighton took us through his High traffic websites and showed us what is most important for keywords, content and links to get the best placement. He also offered a complimentary SEO audit of anyone’s site.

* Dr. Mario told us how Crowd funding was started, who’s using it and how small investors can have the same returns as big players which is the whole purpose of that source of funding. He
ended with his local project and invited anyone interested to request more information.

See you soon, Mike

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