Last night! Inspections, PreQualifying Tenants, Insurance & Rehab refinance

Quick summary

Excellent meeting last night and from the Survey, all Speakers did between Good and Excellent

Bob Erbetta made sure we all received a copy of his famous “Clues, Telltale Signs and Red Flags” What they are, what they mean and what caused them. His basic technique is to look for water in the Basement and track it down which he feels is the root cause of most problems.

Cy Kilgore spoke about the latest dilemma he is seeing in the Insurance business. Meanwhile, I’ve been working on raising personal liability on my policies from $300k to $1M and increasing my deductible from $250 to $2500. these two changes have been a wash (almost no cost). However Cy has seen property values decrease  but construction costs slightly increase, so in a loss, coverage would not be enough! He then went over the famous neighbor’s tree falling on our vehicle and who is responsible. Tenant’s canines, Slip[ and fall and commercial policies.

Stephanie spoke about the privacy laws and how difficult it is to pull someone’s credit. She had a special offer to qualify you to receive a credit report and how you can place bad debts on a tenants credit without a judgement!

I spoke on the Rehab and Purchase loans whihc have become VERY popular in our group.

Door prizes went to Kerri who had done the most recent deal 4/9/10 and Gerry who had a birthday last week. Good work Kerri and Happy Birthday Gerry!

There are many requests for how to get offers accepted. Several investors are making 50 -100 offers with NO response. So our topic next month is…..?

See you soon, Mike Hurney 781-405-1845 cell

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