Last night, Chimneys, Yes, Be a RE Agent & Plumbing problems Solved

Our first featured speaker was Billy Sweet, the Chimney Sweep 781-724-2685 . There’s a lot more to a Chimney and your heating systems that we learned about. His video inspection gets it all, things a regular Home Inspector may not be equipped to uncover. Billy hopes we’re all safe and our chimneys are in working order. He was so glad to speak with us and meet our members that he’s offering a 10% discount on their inspection services to members through the end of June 2015.

Richard Piccardi 781-953-9688 from Metro RE school convinced us that it IS necessary to become a Real Estate Agent if you’re Investing or Landlording and how this “vertically integrates” your abilities. He also elaborated on his services as a Real Estate Portfolio manager…

Tom the Plumber 617-697-7330 went through his Plumbing/Heating Checklist that he handed out, again there are many items the average Home inspector misses but not Tom. He’s offering his Free Inspections and Estimates to members of massReaEstatenet through June 2015!

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