Last night 6/15/09 Foreclosures meeting.

1. Last night, 2. Health Savings Accounts and 3. Experts who don’t understand Real Estate IRAs

1. Last night I spoke briefly to a Foreclosures group. While networking beforehand I found people thought they needed ALL the funds in a Self Directed IRA to do the whole transaction, especially for Real Estate. They seemed actually resigned to the fact that they’d never get to that high point to do it ALL. Nothing could be further from reality. We can borrow Non-recourse funds, partner with other investors or even partner with ourselves. And to get to that Lofty position where we can fund entire transactions within our account we can invest on a smaller scale.

Several of our Clients buy receivables in the $15-20,000 range with short term returns of 25%. Sure beats that .5% in the bank or negative 40% in the Stock Market. This way you at least know what you’re getting into, if you want, and YOU direct the terms (as in Self Directed!). When you set up an account with us, fund it and get the word out that YOU lend money on investments YOU approve of, you’ll be surprised at the response. Then have us introduce you to three Attorneys that understand the SD IRAs and transact lending. YOU also get to decide who to use for the legalities to insure you comply with the laws of Massachusetts! I look forward to seeing you soon at one of our Events, Mike!

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