Last Movers and Shakers 2/6, snow drifts…

Good group last Friday, from the Private Money Lenders to the Wholesaling/Flipping folks we went way over time. We traded everyones contact info with this encouragement:

It was good to see you Real Estate Investors Friday evening!

Even with this snow slowing us down, I can almost guarantee that if you call/email everyone you met and ask:

1. What are you looking for and how can I help you?
2. I’m looking to do ______________ and need______________.

You’ll be putting a deal together within a week!

PS “Nothing Works, Unless YOU Do!” Maya Angelou

I looked at Peabody and had some meaningful data from the MLS

2014 SF Solds 364, $357,927. Average Sale$, 64.32 Average DOM

2015 SF Solds 17, $386,056. Average Sale$, 101.18 Average DOM

2015 SF ACT 44, $413,779. Average List, 103.61 Average DOM

I don’t think any concrete conclusions can be drawn from the 2015 data, there is so little so far, but the price trend is definitely UP! While Mortgage rates remain low.

Watch those snow drifts because the weight adds up beyond what may be your buildings “live load”

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