Last meeting with the Housing Judge…

Great meeting last Tuesday 9/17 (next Movers and Shakers Friday 10/4). Our annual meetings with Judge Kerman have saved my Tenants and I a tremendous amount of angst, time and money. No matter what you hear from friends, business associates and the Media there is no substitute for the “horses mouth” (where it all happens and who administers this “justice”).

Only a few of the many recommendations were:

Offer a Free Family Photograph of everyone who’s moving into your unit. Always have a written lease, listing all the Authorized Occupants. Include a clause “Anyone staying longer than 2 weeks must submit an Application and be listed on a Lease”.

A Tenant @ Sufferance has no lease and can be helped with the Simple Notice (“Scram Notice”) of 72 hours. Always give more time than required with ANY notices.

Pat Takes pictures with her Tenants of all the Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Appliances (inside and out) then has a comprehensive Lease they must sign.

Lately, I’m seeing a lot of restrictions in Craig’s List rental ads “No Housing Court Experience” which the Judge feels may not be fair.

For Discovery issues “The records are available at my office during business hours.” But if you do not bring documents and photos up during that Discovery, a Judge will not accept them later in the case!

Several Landlords were due to see the Judge soon, actually his Mediators resolve most cases and his advice was: Don’t give us the entire History of your Case. Let us know WHY you’re there? and most importantly Did you give a 14 day notice?

We got into the Biggest problem of the Court “Security Deposits” and how to easily and judiciously “take that off the table” How to handle the Trustee (usually the Owner but set up in a Trust, LLC or Corporation) issue where an Attorney must be retained.

Eric won our Door prize because he’s in Housing Court over 5 times/year;-( and most folks took me up on our offer of access to all the Tenant/Landlord documents within our website.

Gil and Rich have a spec house in Middleton, Bill is wholesaling in Lynnfield, the Flip in Danvers is DOA according to our survey. Want to connect with anyone you missed during networking? You can send me an email…

Lot of Financing right now check the homepage for interesting articles and you can contribute there also.

Good to see some faces we haven’t seen lately! Good Luck investing, see you soon, Mike Hurney

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