Last meeting Property Management 4/29/16 Recap, 1st Friday & Pro Day

1. Good meeting last Tuesday: Property Management 4/29/16 Recap,

2. Movers and Shakers this Friday April 1

3. Pro Day for us in Southern NH Home Depots.

1. We began with How to analyze an area for the best opportunities in Real Estate deals. We did Lynn, Boston and Peabody. First, I look at Sales, 2 Quarters ago, then the last Quarter. With this data I’m able to bracket the most active price range with DOM (Days on Market). Finally we look at what’s available ACT (Active) and that’s where I would begin investing in an area. Most of my students/partners of “How To Become a Real Estate Investor in 12 Easy Lessons” by Mike Hurney already do this. There’s no need to be working on properties that are languishing, we see what’s moving and go after them.

Mike Hurney, Fabrizio, Jahlone, Rich and Mark at the Kitchen center.

Next everyone spent a few minutes on who they are and what they’re looking to accomplish. I’d like to get the “Buddy” system going again. Most folks networked to find who would be a good partner, advisor or helper. If you did not meet someone that you feel could help you, let me know!

Jahlone was interesting on Property Management. Rich told us how he solved the Warranty return problems he had. Tom knocked on 80 doors Tuesday, his preferred method of finding Sellers, for him it seems to work! Mark raised his rents $200/month between increases and changing to include the new heat systems on each Tenant and didn’t hear a peep. Finally a Landlords market?

You can Blog directly on the site, I appreciate your input.

Finally I covered the “9 Tips for Getting Started in Real Estate Investing” which is also a good review for more experienced Investors. I didn’t mean to “lean on” Carl Greenler about spending time with Unmotivated Sellers  (one of my old pitfalls) because he’s one of the Top Brokers in Lynnfield and adjacent areas. If you’re looking in that area you may want to call Carl first 781-593-3942

2. I look forward to see you at Movers and Shakers 1st Friday of the month. It’s a little less formal at Denny’s of Danvers 7-8:30PM.

3. Today, Thursday, March 31 is Pro Day at the New Hampshire Home Depot (one of our Sponsors) Pro Desks 7am-2PM Food, Prizes, Gifts and Discounts.

I’ll be visiting Salem, NH, Londonderry, Manchester, Merrimack and both the Nashua stores (in that order) this morning. If you’re around those Depots you’re welcome to text or call my cell 781-405-1845 The item I’m focusing on is the Suite Appliance package. That’s where you purchase a whole kitchen of appliances at once, for a significant discount (in addition to our 2% cashback which our members enjoy).

Mike Hurney, Director, PO Box 1560, Nashua, NH 03061 [email protected]

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