Last meeting notes 2/25/14

Great meeting Last Tuesday:

1. I covered the Local and National state of the state Real Estate Market. We ran short of time for the “Beginner’s Guide to Real Estate Investing” Handout. We’ll update and cover it next meeting March 25. Any questions you can always email or call me. Mike

2. John covered our “common missing pieces” of our Asset Protection Plans and how simple coverage can make a transition during tough times much easier! Also what to watch out for with coverage that seems the same and is purported to be less expensive.

3. Intro by everyone, what we have and want is going well. I’m always surprised by who attends and what you guys are doing;-)

4. Property and Casualty Insurance by Mario was a real eye opener.

Cautions and explanations on Umbrella coverage – Personal vs Commercial “What do you do for work?” that can exempt coverage.

What’s “Duties after a Loss?” consist of.

How to stay covered when there’s 60 consecutive vacant days.

Builder’s risk coverage: Good policy vs Cheap policy and why you’d want either one?

How the $3.5 Billion collected by FEMA has been disbursed. (Only $1B actually goes to Insurers.)

Why 99% of Flood Zones need Elevation Certificates and how to get yours inexpensively?

Preferred vs Regular Flood Zones?

Worker’s Compensation coverage “if any basis”. Any Exclusions to Owners?

How to have dangerous breed Dogs covered to eliminate ANY liability to the Property Owner.

4. More questions on Income/State Tax you can email [email protected]

See you soon, Mike Hurney Director PO Box 307, Marblehead, MA 01945 Office/Fax 781-639-8616

PS Next month March 25 6:30 – 9:00 PM SpringHill Suites Hotel, Deals from the ground up, dealing with Zoning & Permitting. Appraisals – your roadmap to Profits.

PPS See you at Movers and Shakers Friday, March 7, 2014 7-8:30 PM Denny’s of Danvers.

PPPS Interesting Deal Bill has in West Newbury, I hope someone in our Association can take advantage of this opportunity. I liked it and it was good to see some of our Rehabbers there yesterday.

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