Last meeting and there’s no REAL Asset protection???

Last meeting Tuesday evening, my compliments to the members who still did not have power but made it there. Good to see you at that informative meeting!

1. Mas$ave gave all the examples of how we (or our tenants) are able to use their programs for saving energy with upgrades and rebates this Winter. Thank you Nathan!

2. Paul told us which appliance brands to buy and lines within those brands to avoid. Also installation problems: plastic water feeds to refrigerator ice makers, how to easily “Clean” garbage disposers, washing machine problems and quick cures. Cautions and maintenance on washers – Stainless hoses do burst over time, replace them periodically. Dryers: remove screws from metal vents and use aluminized tape to avoid lint build up. Extra length cords for stack washer/dryer combos.

3. We went a little long so I did not announce the Door prize winner: Karen – “Building Wealth” by Donald Trump (one of the recommended books to read, from our Movers and Shakers meeting).

4. Also my best “Deal in Peabody” was a 6 room, 3 bed 1 bath ranch. You can call or email Robbie to see it: [email protected] 781-258-5216 (Why Peabody? Because that’s where we meet;-)

5. Finally at 8:26 Attorney Rick took the floor in front of an unexcited group but woke us ALL up when he went from the details of partnerships and how he could help investors draft this important agreement to letting us know how LLC’s, Corporations, Realty Trusts, LLPs and Family Limited Partnerships offer almost no Asset protection if we have any involvement in the property. Finally concluding at 10:00 Pm

Obviously we need more on the “REALITY” of Asset Protection before we eliminate the expensive structures we’ve established. Coming soon!

6. Movers and Shakers November 16, 2012 7-8:30 PM See you there!

7. Stacey 617-674-2977 (mobile) has two condos in Lynn she’ll part with and a great Condo in Florida for $44.9k
Nyrik 978-902-8263 has a property in Maine that needs work and a $4500 single family in New castle, PA

8. Home Depot has a 2% cashback program (rebates twice a year) for any of our members that register. Thanks to Jack at the ProDesk for the specials  November 1-8 on: 10% off Special order windows, Discounts on Dewalt lithium impact drills, Orbital jigsaws, 1/4″ screwguns, 18 volt two packs and Milwaukee sawzalls. Special thanks to Bruce the big contractor from RI for positive input on Depot

9. Purchase and Refi rates are still low [email protected] 781-405-1845 cell NMLS #43341

Mike Hurney, Director PO Box 307, Marblehead, MA 01945 781-639-8616

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