Last meeting 5/29/12

Email went out before noon today: Good morning Fellow Real Estate Investors,

Our monthly meetings are turning into Business events. Networking. There are a lot of Real Estate transactions that get started here.

Our Asset Protection Attorney had us go through his “Asset Protection, Estate and Business Planning Audit” handout and the extensive notes he gave us. I wasn’t aware how high the Mass Homestead exemption had gone – $1,000,000. (married couple 62 years or older).
Welcome new/renewing Members Bill/Chevy, Joe, Mark, Yana, Jim/Kristin, Andy, Ashok/Michele, Sarah, Delson, Charles, Woodrow, Linda, Adam, Christopher, Ruben, Marcus!
Bill is getting his Assignable offers accepted! Henry’s got a commercial project in Wakefield. David’s got a great website for Investor deals. Bruce took us through BPOs and how RE Brokers can do them for Banks themselve$. I analyzed the Peabody market, where we feel it’s headed and the price range opportunities. Eileen’s got a better deal than she hoped for and is getting wholesalers interested. Anyone got a commercial space 1500-2000SF in West Peabody for an ice cream store? 781-405-1845 Mike

I’m working with several buyers to provide their Purchase Mortgages (Jumbos & 203ks), also qualifying Buyers for Investor’s selling to them. I’ve scheduled several First Time Homebuyer Seminars. Working to help unwind a “wrongful foreclosure”. I got rid of some rodents with an innovative approach I’ll share 6/26 with you.

One of my buddies that’s a very Successful Investor was asking me: “Why do people buy so much
when the market is topping and sell when it’s in a trough, like now. The Stock market has been
tumbling and everyone seems to be selling?” He continued “I actually know why. It’s because
a lot of folks are in the “Herd” mentality. They see someone do something and throw out their logic” Similar to the Real Estate business???

My brother’s got me listening to CDs about Benjamin Franklin. He said if you think you’re busy accomplishing things now, listen to how much Ben did, during a time in our History when it took a month to send a letter to England. It’s a welcome break from listening to how our thieving, incumbent politicians are selling us down the river.

What can the Association help you with?

Mike Hurney, Director PO Box 307, Marblehead, MA 01945 781-639-8616

We look forward to seeing you soon:
Movers and Shaker Friday June 15, 2012 7-8:30 pm at Denny’s in Danvers
Main Meeting June 26, 2012, 6:30 – 9:00 PM SpringHill Suites, Hotel, Peabody

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