Last meet 4/25 Stage & Landscape. Alternate Investing, Movers 5/5 and 5/30 Boost Sales

Interesting meeting last Tuesday 4/25.

* I walked everyone through our members Home Depot sign-up for discounts and How to check on your account and spending.
Buy-Sell-Networking with Marco’s pizza.
 Staging, especially how our professional stager had a Homeowner spend only $7,000 that put her Clients Home For Sale at another $100,000 over the recommended Broker’s Listing price in Chestnut Hill!
Michelle won the door prize of a $500. Staging on the Property of her choice!
 Andy, the Landscaper, showed three landscaping Projects he’s working on in Marblehead, and showed a few hardscape photos to follow. [email protected]
* Ted from the largest Wholesale Nursery went through their entire line of plantings and suggested (as he did my father’s house in West Roxbury when it went up for sale (Sold quickly and over the Listing price)):
We start with the compass orientation of a property.
Take photos at 8am, 12noon and 5pm on a Sunny day for light exposure.
Then a soil sample, mainly for pH that may need adjustment.
So that you’ll not only have a coordinated color scheme and plants that thrive but also 4 seasons of blooming!
* David had Do’s and Don’ts for Door Knocking – an essential part of our Business – People Contact. As I’ve said in my course “How to Become a Real Estate Investor in 12 Simple Lessons” by Mike Hurney:
No matter How much Money you have and How low a house is priced at, they will never come together on their own. They are inanimate objects, they can’t. You are the Investor and You must deal with a Seller!
None of us have any skills to begin with, in fact when we’re born we don’t even know how to eat or cry but we seem to learn the skills we need quickly;-)
* If you’re interested in other Investments, especially New Technologies you may want to join me at my friend Chris Requena’s monthly events:
I look forward to see soon, Mike Hurney
* PS If you’re doing a High to Mid priced Kitchen you need to contact me ASAP for an event. [email protected]
* PPS Movers and Shakers (First Friday May 5, 7-8:30pm) at Kelly’s Roast Beef 165 Endicott St Danvers,
* PPPS How to increase your business 300% Building Relationships that Boost Sales by Dr. Nancy Zare at our Main meeting #47 Newbury St, Peabody, MA  Tuesday, May 30 6:30 – 9pm.

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