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Hey Fellow Real Estate Investors,

Interesting meeting last Friday  2/17. I’m a BIG believer in Physical Networking, actually getting together. I also believe that when you have a certain number of people there’s a “Critical Mass” which is enough people to actually accomplish something.

At Denny’s we had 4 Real Estate Brokers, 8 Buyers, 2 Wholesalers, 5 Investors, 3 Sellers, 2 Private money lenders, a Carpenter, a Painter, a Conventional Mortgage Broker, 4 supporting spouses/relatives (male and female) and more. In other words all the ingredients necessary to Buy, Fix-Up and Sell or Rent for a Profit, Real Estate. If you need any of these services you can join us (you’ve probably got something to share with us also!) Topics went from construction costs, hiring friends/relatives, hot areas to invest in, Asset protection (you can call Attorney Robert Visnick 978-546-2525 who speaks to us annually), success with Short-sale offers, Wholesaling opportunities for Briddogs to make up to $2,000, auctions and Stacey’s new Landlord group  Good meeting!

TV – I had a very busy weekend, like you guys, so much for these “3 day weekends” and in addition to watching 60 minutes and Joel, I also saw a little of “Shark Tank” and “Apprentice” with two clear messages.

Shark Tank, recommended by Jay Abraham, is a group of 5 sanctimonious, cut throat, supposedly successful, business “Sharks”. When you present your Business opportunity to them, they insult you and beat you up with low ball offers because you’ve had the audacity to present it to them, with all their expertise and business acumen. However on the episode we watched, someone had a good idea, a great product and increasing sales that the “Sharks” were actually in a frenzy to buy. The “fish” was in control of the shark frenzy and capitalized on it!

The Shark Tank frenzy reminded me of Robyn’s list of “houses never to buy”. Investors that have heeded her guidelines and bought the “Right” houses, fixed them up correctly and priced them competitively, literally have the Market in a frenzy. They have interest generated from the start, sell quickly, leave something there for the “next guy” and make enough of a profit to stay in this business. Those who buy the wrong houses, have an uphill battle from the start with very little interest from retail buyers and usually get beat and taken advantage of, by Sharks. You do not want to miss Tuesday 2/28 when Robyn Thompson will be here to review those Houses Never to Buy and more importantly the ones you should buy. Clear message, Buy the right houses!

Apprentice had two teams of “celebrities” that raise money for their charity at a function. Last night they made sandwiches and sold them at the highest prices their charitable friends could afford. The winning team gets all the money from both teams for the Project Manager’s charity. Many on the losing team did not reach out to their friends for support or contributions. They were waiting…… I don’t know what for? But in waiting they missed opportunities and someone even got “Your Fired!” from THE Donald Trump. It struck me that there are a lot of folks waiting for their opportunity. Maybe they don’t understand the Real Estate market or how to Buy, Fix-Up and Sell or Rent for a Profit?? Again you do not want to miss Tuesday 2/28 and Saturday 3/3 when Robyn Thompson will be here to teach and Update us on How to capitalize on the Market Now. Clear message, Do it Now!

Robyn Thompson Tuesday, February 28, 2012 6:30 pm At the SpringHill Suites Hotel, 43 Newbury Street, Peabody, MA 01960 978-535-5000 FREE to members, only $25 for guests. $99/year ($8.25/meeting) for membership! and an ALL-DAY Saturday March 3, 2012

PS I’m also back on “Your Real Estate Future: Don’t watch the opportunity go by” when you have a chance, you can check it out.

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