For about the past year I’ve been bemoaning the fact that Rents have been flat to negative. Real Estate taxes are increasing. & Insurance has been going up.
On the off chance that there might be something there, I answered a postcard offer that said because I had a post-graduate degree from a University I could qualify for a group discount.
Little did I know that MetLife had been sticking it to me at $1354. for two vehicles and Liberty Mutual would only charge me $849. for even better coverage.
You can call Duane Brown at 877-795-7925 and check on your policys. They have group discounts for just about everyone.
Of course I’ll be reviewing all my Homeowners and Fire policies with Duane next!
One note of caution from my pal Nick Zampeti in New Jersey. It’s a lot more common to get into an accident with your auto than your properties and insurance companies settle faster and more often so don’t neglect your limits, keep them high. Deductible, that’s another story.
Anyone wishing to share a good insurance contact on this Blog, Please do! Mike

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