Industry finds ways to take the edge off of Winter

Hey Guys, Mike Hurney at Norcom Mortgage,

I just ran across this awesome program arranged through under FUEL ASSISTANCE, that might help you or
somebody that you know. As long as you meet their income requirements by simply Providing a financial statement. Under their guidelines they’ll provide low
energy upgrades to lights, insulate outlets, install faucet aerators and low flow shower heads, weatherstrip your doors, they may even replace refrigerators purchased before
1999 and possibly take 20% off the top of your energy bill all for the great price of FREE. I’ve attached the link below and phone number to get this thing
started. I also want to let you know that you may be above the income requirements but you might know someone who is not and can use a little help especially
right before the holiday Season. So forward a little good will along to your friends and family members

and of course if you or any of your friends or family are looking to buy a house or refinance a loan and need some help or have any questions please give me a call as
helping you with your home loan needs is the way my family gets to enjoy the holidays.
Until next time make it a great day.
Mike Hurney, cell 781-405-1845

PS You can call 800-632-8175 or go to “Fuel Assistance”

PPS A good friend of ours is working with the six companies that help you get Solar power, some even for no cost. More on this from Elizabeth later…

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