How to Show a Property

How to Show a Property.

(from our friends at Genesee Landlords Association)

  1. Arrive 15 minutes early.
  2. Park out of the way for Applicants.
  3. Open Garage door, if applicable.
  4. Open all blinds and windows (weather permitting)
  5. Turn heat up to 62F or set A/C 10F below outside air temperature or turn on fans.
  6. Light scented candles.
  7. Sweep up any bugs and cob webs.
  8. Turn on all the lights.
  9. Turn on water.
  10. Put out pens and applications on clipboards.
  11. Welcome Applicants with a handshake.
  12. Be polite.
  13. LISTEN to what the Applicants are telling you and what they want.
  14. Ask EVERY Applicant what the pro’s and con’s are with the house. Don’t argue. And write those notes down.
  15. Have Applicants fill out the entire application.
  16. Go over their application, Privately, to make sure they have filled it out and you understand it.
  17. Take a photo of each Applicants government photo ID (Drivers license).
  18. Attach any documents to application (proof of funds, bank statements, pet photos).
  19. Fill out the office only section on the application.
  20. Thank Applicants for coming.
  21. Walk them to their car. (Thanks for this one [email protected] and by the bye if you’re looking to Buy or Sell Real Estate you’re welcome to contact her by email or see her at our meetings!).
  22. Close all blinds.
  23. Turn off water.
  24. Turn off all lights except porch lights and 1 light inside.
  25. Turn heat down to 33F (just kidding 52F will do).
  26. Blow out candles.
  27. Make sure you have the keys or place them in a lock box.
  28. Lock all the doors behind you on the way out.
  29. Return Applications with any attachments to management.
  30. Thanks again Genesee Landlords Association (they’re in Detroit, a tough market…) Don’t forget if on the scale of 1-10 of “toughness” you have an Applicant that’s a 6, you don’t need to be an 11 but you better be at least a 7;-)

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