How to Flip a House.

How to Flip a House
During our 5:30 – 6:30PM session this evening 1/29/2013, prior to our main meeting we’ll discuss this misnomer. As I often show, very few Real Estate Investors actually
Flip a house.

My analogy, When you “toss a coin” does it take you 3 – 6 months to determine whether it will show Heads or Tails? Of course not, it’s instantaneous!

My point:
Most Investors, including myself Buy, Fixup and Sell or Rent properties.

Tonight 5:30 – 6:30 PM We’ll cover the easiest way this is accomplished
Know your market
Find a Seller you can work with.
Come to terms.
GET IT IN WRITING! (knowing the 5 essential ingredients of an enforceable contract)
Sell that contract.
So in my world you’ve “Sold a Property Before you’ve Bought it.”
And of course you know, the Devil is in the details. So we’ll review where you are now and what should be your next step. Thanks, Mike Hurney


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