Meet the Judge & Specialist

Housing Court… last meeting 12/30/2014

Last Tuesday we hosted Judge Sullivan and one of his Housing Court Specialists Cynthia.

It was good to see so many faces we haven’t seen in months last night! and many renewals and new members.

Congratulations to our door prize winners Pam who took the “Snow starter kit” (new shovel, salt and sand which I give to all  my Tenants at the beginning of Winter in case they need to get out before our shovel team gets there) and John the $50 depot gift certificate!

Huge amount of information from the Housing Court Judge below.

Survey – I’d like to have our 12 – 2015 main monthly meetings parallel the 12 Chapters of my Course “How to Become a Real Estate Investor in 12 Easy Lessons”

1. Stake out YOUR Territory (or Farm) to Invest in.

2. Know the Activity in your Territory.

3. Friends and Influences.

4. Make an Offer.

5. Qualify a Buyer.

6. “Comps”

7. Counter Offers.

8. Rehabbing and Estimating.

9. “To Flip or Not To Flip”

10. The Dirtiest 11 Letter word: Landlording.

11. Networking.

12. Vision.

13. Do it again!
There are about 130 subtopics in Buy – Fixup – Sell/Rent that I’ll mix with those 12 and if you’ve got a request? Let me know!
So what went on.. Judge Sullivan took us through How to Best prepare for your Trial Date and ALWAYS assume you’re going to Trial.
Ask yourself  Why am I here? which will help you answer that question when the Judge asks!
Arrive ON TIME!
Know Where you’re going.
Always be CIVIL.
Go to mediation, You have Control. All is fair game vs a Trial.
Keep your Property UP.
Be careful of Trespassing (186, 14)
Why “Any and all Occupants” does not work on an eviction any more.
When to go for Civil Injunctive relief for roommates.
You may want to check with the Tenancy Preservation Project?
Don’t forget to use 139 section 15 for Drugs or illegal Sex.
You must bring  your “Proof of Termination” from the Notice to Quit and make sure it was served by a Constable.
When selecting Tenants always check the Housing Court records for prior actions of a Tenant.
If you need an extension for 90 days use it carefully he does not give a second extension.
Foreclosures are up and may negate any Tenant actions.
Late fees? be careful you must wait 30 days.

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