Housing Costs went Down for Owners & Up for Renters? According to HUD Survey!

Housing Costs

Median monthly costs went down for all occupied housing units between 2011 and 2013. However, this masks the fact that while owner-occupants’ costs fell, the costs paid by renters increased.

Median Monthly Housing Costs—2009——-2011——-2013

Total Occupied Units—————-$909——-$927——-$896

By Owners—————————-$1000——$1008——$934

By Renters—————————-$808——-$845——-$850

Since 1973, the AHS is sponsored by HUD and conducted by the Census Bureau, and is the most comprehensive housing survey in the United States. National data are collected every odd-numbered year and metropolitan area data are collected on a rotating basis. The Census Bureau will soon release profiles for 25 selected metro areas across the country.

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