Hiring? Of course, who isn’t trying to hire good people! We’re getting busy but it is tough…

Good morning,
Hiring? Of course, who isn’t trying to hire good people! We’re getting busy, but it is tough…
As we speak to our members who are getting busier with work.
It seems there’s a fair amount of optimism with the new administration and folks are ready to get their projects done, NOW!
Self Employed which most Contractors are, we’ve got few tasks:
1. Advertising & getting the word out about what you do.
2. Estimating and Quoting on projects.
3. Staffing and materials.
It’s easy to focus on 1 or 2 of the above but now that your Projects are ready to begin NOW! We find that we’re understaffed, then as we look for qualified workers, guess what?
According to the Quarterly Economic Outlook by the FED and as reported on by the SansGroupLLC.com only 25% of male workers in the 25-55 age group are employed.
Where are the rest?
Out on Disabily, unemployment or working under the table!
So what do you to find Good help?
Undocumented workers? Good luck, If you’re paying cash how can you write off that much against the project?
Under the table? Ok until someone gets hurt, then the Medical insurers at the hospitals will relentlessly chase the Patient until the they tell where it happened and who owns the property?
So how can you even get a workman’s Compensation policy on these Undocumented/Under the Table workers.
As you know the top three IRS tests for Contractor vs Employee are:
Do you provide tools for the worker?
Do you give specific instructions on performing the work?
Do you provide the materials for the project?
Yes to any, means you’ve got an employee and must pay their health Insurance, SS and Fica!
But as Contractors in business for more than a couple of weeks , you already know this!
So how do we find “good” workers to hire?
By the way if you have a minute, How about sharing What have you been using to find Good Help?
Here’s what I’ve done:
1. Check with your current Employees
“Birds of a feather flock together.”
& offer a hiring referral fee to your employee.
2. CraigsList:-( from a good ad that pulls traffic, using my cell number: I’ll get 100 calls in a week, talk to most of the callers, Invite 20 to the job site, half show up, 2 seem like a match and I’ll hire one.
3. Your Ad, I’ve always started with:
“Must have own Tools and Transportation!
4. Lately I’ll put a quick test in for each trade I’m interested in:
Plumbers – Does that 1/2 bath half to be 120 SF? Are “House Traps” still required on main drains exiting a building?
Electricians – When do we have to use “Arc fault detecting outlets” vs GFCIs?
Carpenters –  If we’ve got built-in seats next to a railing, how high does it have to be? 36”?
Good Luck hiring (always go with your gut, if the new guy is not getting along with the rest of your crew, say good bye) I’ve got a story on that for you!
Mike Hurney, Director, MassRealEstate.net / NewHampashireREIA.org
PO Box 307, Marblehead, MA 01945
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