Hey Mike, I smelt gas…. (7:16 pm)

Landlord to Landlord

What do you do with that message? I called Tom the Plumber and asked him to come up the next day, I’d check it out myself and call him back.

Tom said: I don’t think so. There’s nothing that smells like gas that’s why they add that smell, so it won’t be mistaken. I’ll see you there in under an hour! If they smell it continuously have them call the gas company ASAP! If it’s just sporadic we can track it down, I’ll bring my sensor.

Tom met me there in under an hour. We went over the meters and pipes in the basement near where it would have drifted to the Lobby in question – Nada, Nunca! So I called my Tenant and asked him to come down and show us where it smelt. Then we showed him how we had gone over all the pipes and Tom had declared it safe. The caller then remembered there had been a small propane tank on the porch outside the first day they smelled it but not the second. A little weary I told him, Better to be safe than sorry. Call anytime.

By the way, know what happens when the Gas company does come out (24/7) for a gas smell? First they test all their pipes. They own the delivery lines to the meters, that’s the underground pipes from the main supply lines in the street that go into your basement and connect to the recording meters. You own the distribution network and appliances.

Simple – If they find a leak in their pipes they fix it right then. If they find a leak in your pipes, they shut off (lock out)the supply of gas, Red Tag it and you must have a licensed, insured gas fitter, fix the leaks, pressure test the network and have the City gas/plumbing inspector sign off on the work. The gas company then can be called/scheduled to unlock and turn the gas back on!

Big deal huh? We take it for granted but natural gas is dangerous and it does seem to have some regulations with our (and our Tenants) safety the main concern! Know anyone you can call 24/7 to help you out? Try Tom Hoyle 617-298-0231

Good luck investing! Mike

1 thought on “Hey Mike, I smelt gas…. (7:16 pm)”

  1. It is amazing on how many gas leak calls we go on and it is something other then the gas lines.Ive gone to houses where they smelled gas and they did’nt even have gas. On the other hand sometimes we find the darndest things done by some crazy do it yourselfers.
    I would think the gas company would be able to pin point this one your talking about. They do have the gas sniffer which works quite well. As far as the gas company shutting off the gas and locking and tagging it I must say that is A MUST DO. As far as Tom comming out withinin hour I would say that was excellant. To take it a step further. If he coulnt have made it out so fast, I’m sure he would have, as I would have, advised you or any customer to call the fire department. They will always come out and check for free. If they find a leak they will call the gas company and get them out there ASAP as well as shut down the gas main. It really is nothing to wait on. A day or even a night could pass by and the explosive limit could be reached, and well, that would be a bad day. As a plumber who deals with gas I would say that as long as it has been installed, tested, and inspected as it should be, then gas is a very safe means of heating your house, water, and running other various appliances throughout your home.
    See you at the Feb. meeting Mike,

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