Here’s “Private Lending Made Easy” Alan Cowgill’s 9/29 presentation to us. The Signup for his upcoming November 5-7 BootCamp is

Here’s “Private Lending Made Easy” Alan Cowgill’s 9/29 presentation to us. The Signup for his upcoming November 5-7 BootCamp is

I look forward to have you join us there, Mike

This is important information that should make your Investing Career a little easier:

We all know the Formula = Get Funding, Find Properties, Flip or Fix Up & Rent or Sell. Review your Deal, Learn to Sharpen your Figures and avoid “wrong turns”. Wash-Rinse Repeat! Soooo having that Private Lending/Funding will move you ahead of your Competition!

Alan put his 10/30/20 GREAT All-Day Workshop with us, online but there so many Bonuses ONLY for those on that Zoom Workshop that it is ONLY available to those who attended…

Here’s the feedback from his last 3 Day Bootcamp! Next one is November 5-7 ONLINE signup at

P.S. On Day 3 I do a “Hot Seat” that ties the whole Boot Camp together. Don’t miss this powerful educational climax!

Feedback from Alan’s Students

What was the most important thing you learned?

Get off your butt and do it
Getting private money is simple, straightforward, and totally doable
People you don’t expect will have money sitting in 401k & IRA etc. accounts
Mr. Sherman’s legal advice
SEC rules and regulations
Web-based office management
To use checklists
How to step out of my comfort zone
This knowledge is a confident booster for me
Script – calling private lenders
Mr. Cowgill’s insights and advice
Don’t ask – don’t get

How will this boot camp change your life and your business?

Life just began
Problem solved
Expand my business and my business model
It will put it on turbo
Now I can feel more confident
Gives me focus on attracting lenders
To have more confidence in approaching friends and family without hesitancy
Once I procure private funds my real estate investing will take off
How to handle IRA, pooling, and details of lunch
Streamline, organize, motivate

Will you recommend this to your friends and colleagues?

I’ll recommend you to them indeed
Once I start rolling I am confident that others will be attending
When I am attending other seminars on RE I will make sure that everyone knows about Alan’s seminar and how this seminar got me started

What other information would you like to have provided?

Can’t think of anything
Very comprehensive training so can’t think of anything else
Can’t imagine – pre-paid legal was a gift
This talk was icing on the cake
I think Alan left no stone unturned
You’re perfect and improving

Additional comments?

The best boot camp ever attended
What I’ve learned can be put into practice right now
Love your easy-going but structured style
You took excellent care of us every day
Thanks for providing breakfast and snacks
Thank you for the speakers, coffee, coolers, punch, and treats
It is so cool that you guys come across as truly wanting to help us get up and running in our business!!

Graduation 2009

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