Here on the 2 Day BootCamp

Reviewed Mortgages and Short Sales here at the Holiday Inn.

You can have your Buyers PreApproved. If you think you can get a Buyer to give you the information they’ll need to get PreApproved, good luck. When was the last time you gave out your SS, Date of Birth and Financial Information? However as Mortgage Guy I’m ready to PreApprove them for you. No Fee! [email protected] 781-248-6907 cell

Also if you have a Short Sale with GMAC as the original Lender, I’ll gladly PreApprove a new Buyer for you with Favorable Finacing:

No Appraisal.

No Credit Report fee.

No Application fee.

Fast Tracked to close fast.

And don’t forget to let your Delinquent, HomeOwner whose UnderWater know that should they go to Foreclosure or Bankruptcy  they may not be able to qualify for a Mortgage for 5 years, however should they Short Sale with you, they can Finance in only 2 years!

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