Heating system SPECIAL! -10% Labor, Free Tstat, Boiler/Furnace discounts until August 31

Tom the Plumber, who’s spoken to us often and done work for many of us, has some advice and an offer. The Plumbing and Heating busy season starts as it gets cooler in the Fall/Winter, when we turn our Heating systems on and occasionally they don’t work. So we call the gas company, oil guy or whoever installed/tuned up the system and left their contact card. “What do you mean you can come in a week to look at this? I don’t care if everyone else called first! It’s freezing in here, 69F, I need you now!”

So to avoid some of this angst, Tom will discount your installation labor by 10% and install a complimentary programmable thermostat if you act now! As far as the equipment, he’s also glad to help wade through the gas company programs, with you, to see if you qualify for a discount on a conversion (oil to gas) or an upgrade (higher efficiency) But you’ve got to call him now 617-697-7330 before his busy season.

First advice – Give your heating system a quick check by starting it now.

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