Heat, last Tuesday, Doldrums??

Good afternoon,

Wow, some heat wave, 103F in Woburn and 101F back here at home. When I worked in Saudi they advised me to chop up cucumbers and mix them with yogurt to help endure the heat (90-125F) It did help.

Anyway good meeting last Tuesday and in addition to the presentations on:
Become a RE Broker or not?
Consider getting your Construction Supervisors License (Builder’s License)?
Do you ever need a Handgun permit?

There were 4 rehabs that members invited us to see and most importantly between this and the Movers and Shakers meeting, about 25 Investors exchanged contact information for Business or help in the near future.
Next Movers and Shakers meetings are Friday August 2 and September 6, 2013
See you soon, Mike

PS I consider this the “Doldrums” time of year, not much activity because folks are on Summer vacation, kids are out of school and it’s hot. There is usually not much activity but this is when I’m out looking. I also did two PreQualifications for Purchases today. So while everyone is at the Beach you can look and make some offers… [email protected] 781-405-1845 cell

PPS Now I’ll be at the Beach;-)

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