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We’re a Trade Association with Members involved in Real Estate Investing, Contracting and Landlording.

Membership Benefits

  • Main monthly meetings, the last Tuesday of every month covering the Topics YOU want to learn more about in the worlds of Real Estate & Contracting!
  • Movers & Shakers meetings, the first Friday of every month to cover more detailed analysis of your projects in a smaller venue.
  • The opportunity to Network with other members, Some ahead of You & Some not quite up to Your level.
  • Exclusive emails covering the latest trends that everyone is talking about.
  • **Home Depot: 2% Cashback on Any & All purchases, twice a year.
  • All Paint at Home Depot discounted 20% at the cash register.
  • Special Appliance catalog similar to Home Depot’s lowest prices of the year (Black Friday).
  • Access to Home Depot’s “Bid Room” to adjust prices  when you spend over $1500.
  • Real Protect – Members get Free Quotes and an advisor to help you find the best insurance solutions for all your Real Estate needs.
  • Investigative Screening and Consulting: Members receive a discounted $0.95 set up fee.
  • **“Access to Grand Slam Investigations” for Tenant Checks!
  • Rentals.com: Receive up to 35% off standard listings at Rentals.com or get bulk discounts for multiple listings.
  • REIFA: Members will post both their offer and their work criteria, those facets will be analyzed instantly to find the ideal match.
  • Local Market Monitor: Members receive 25% off all purchases of personal Investor market Reports when they use their coupon code.
  • Office Depot: Use your Office Depot Purchasing Card at any of our 1100 stores nationwide and get your custom, discounts commercial printing. You will save up to 45% off retail store pricing on selected items.
  • CallFire: you receive specially negotiated rates of 3 cents per Voice Broadcast, 2.5 cents for Text Messages.
  • BuildASign.com up to 20% off all purchases of retraceable Banners, Yard Signs, Accessories, Vinyl Banners and more from the worlds Largest Online Sign Retailer.

Tuesday, October, 29, 2019 6:30-9pm Agenda

Contractor Horror stories, We’ll MasterMind a Problem, local Market Update, Do your Own Tenant Checks & AG’s Office!

1. We’re looking for the Best (actually Worst) Contractor Horror Story that’s happened to You. Members vote and there’s a Prize for the most unfortunate tale you’ve experienced.

2. There seems to be a fair number of Deals or Opportunities that some of our Members are missing out on.


We’ve started a MasterMind Group to address the Problem:

  • How do you easily find these Opportunities?
  • Don’t be a Prince Charming when a Cinderella shows up. Most importantly: What’s in your Investors Kit?
  • How to Quickly calculate whether an “Opportunity” is worth your limited time?
  • Simple Organizing technique that will save you 50% of the time you’re now wasting!

We’ll introduce the Group next Tuesday and the Solutions to those problems!

3. Next on our Agenda, we’ve got the local Market Update and how to translate that Data for your own use!

4. We’ll also have the Results of using our latest Tenant Check System- “Grand Slam Investigations” (access is on our Home Page).

5. Also the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office is sending their top Assistant AG to cover Contractor problems some folks have, What you can do about them? and Most Importantly How to Avoid Problems in the first place!

Also how to get Contractors to call you back!

Networking & Marco’s Restaurante’ Pizza!


We’ve changed our membership model to Monthly instead of Annual, I’ll go over this tonight and if you have any problem with this please see ME (separately) at the next meeting.

Sad Tale Jiminy…

Local Market Update

Peabody, MA Single Family Houses

Last Quarter

SOLDs Peabody, last 3 months 7/28/19 – 10/28/19

Single Family Listings: 125 Avg. Liv. Area SqFt: 1858.47 Avg. List $: $494,745 Avg. List $/SqFt: $283 Avg. DOM: 26.48 Avg. DTO: 15.38 Avg. Sale $: $500,289 Avg. Sale $/SqFt: $286

SOLDs Year Ago 7/28/18 – 10/28/19

Single Family Listings: 126 Avg. Liv. Area SqFt: 1758.48 Avg. List $: $459,523 Avg. List $/SqFt: $273 Avg. DOM: 25.51 Avg. DTO: 14.27 Avg. Sale $: $467,918 Avg. Sale $/SqFt: $279

Previous Quarter

SOLD 4/28/19 – 7/28/19

Single Family Listings: 98 Avg. Liv. Area SqFt: 1755.73 Avg. List $: $467,167 Avg. List $/SqFt: $280 Avg. DOM: 31.65 Avg. DTO: 18.23 Avg. Sale $: $472,580 Avg. Sale $/SqFt: $284

Currently available

Single Family Listings: 27 Avg. Liv. Area SqFt: 2051.26 Avg. List $: $536,009 Avg. List $/SqFt: $274 Avg. DOM: 39.33

Master Minding a Problem

E-Myth by Michael Gerber

”Difference between an Ordinary person & a Warrior is that a Warrior takes everything as a Challenge ab=while an Ordinary Person takes everything and a Blessing or a Curse”

To Live through an Impossible Situation, you don’t need the reflexes of a Grand Prix driver, the muscles of a Hercules, the mind of Einstein. YOU SIMPLY NEED TO KNOW WHAT TO DO!

1,000,000. People start a business every year.

40% Fail the 1st year.

80% Fail in 5 years. 200,000 Left!

80% of those that didn’t fail in the 1st 5 years, Fail ih the 2nd 5 years. 40,000. Left

Premise of E-Myth – When it is systemized and applied purposely by a small business owner the Business Development Process has the power to transform any small business into an incredibly effective organization!


If your Thinking is Sloppy, Your Business will be Sloppy.

If your thinking is Disorganized, Your business will be Disorganized.

If you’re Greedy, your employees will be Greedy!

Business Owners

Exhaustion is Common, Exhilaration is Rare…

Whatever you were doing it’s technical Work!

Fatal assumption:

Technician  – One job they know well plus a dozen others they don’t know how to do well

Entrepreneur-(dreams) Are 10% Should be – 33%

Manager – (frets) Are 20% Should be – 33%

Technician – (ruminates) Are 70% Should be – 33%

Interesting INNOVATION

Hi, May I help you? XXXX

Hi, have you been here before?

YES Great we’ve got …an Agenda and What’s up tonight!

NO, Here’s a little about our Association, our Agenda & how to get the most out of your joining us tonight!



What’s it take for you to Find Deals?


1. Weekend Addresses?

Name, Address, Contact: Phone, Email,

2. Comparable market Analysis

*Tax Assessed value.

*Recent Similar SOLD properties 1/4 mile Radius, within the last 3 months.

““ 1.0 mile Radius, within the last year

*Available Similar properties.

3. Database


Follow up




Mail a letter

Mail a card.

What are you looking for this evening?

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