Happy Labor (or lack today of Labor)! Great meeting last Tuesday.

Please don’t tell me how Real Estate is Dead  or so Slow. I am very busy with purchase, rate/term reduction and even cashouts of Real Estate money. Need some? [email protected]

Always good to see you guys! Welcome new and renewing members: Eric, Susan & Tom, Lisa & Robert, Laura & Larry, Cheryl & Bob, Joseph (it’s been a long time buddy, good to see you!), Steve and Ed. A lot of Guests also.  Tom the Plumber (617-697-7330) is working with Joe, Art and Rich to prep for their Heating Seasons. Two more members are now taking my Course “How to Become a Real Estate Investor in 12 Easy (formerly tough) Lessons” I’m looking forward to the feedback on the new “Excel spreadsheet for estimating offers” that my daughter Allison streamlined for the Course.

Constable, Paul Minsky took time from his very busy schedule to give us the inside scoop on Why, How and What you better do for a follow-up! when you have to serve Tenants a Notice. (all the forms are in the Library tab of our MassRealEstate.net members section).

PhD Mike gave us the notes on How to identify and Work with the 4 types of Personalities. Ever notice how the more you speak to a certain person the further apart you seem to get? Well, there’s no need for that anymore. These simple notes allow you to turn that around ASAP. Didn’t get the notes? You can send me an email and I’ll send you back a copy.

Lou showed up late but spent time with a small group.  Covering, how he’s able to have so many Short-Sales but ran out of Funding for his Buy-Fixup-Sell (and often Rent for CashFlow) machine. I happened to notice a couple of Money Guys were headed to that group. It’s all about Networking!

As I so often say: “No matter how much Money is available and how Inexpensive a property is, they will never come together on their own. They can’t, they’re inanimate objects. You are the Real Estate Investor, the Catalyst that makes it happen!” Don’t wait. Set a goal (this or that much knowledge, Contractors, Services whatever is holding you back) and a TIMELINE because you’ll never know everything and Action is ALL!

See you soon, Mike Hurney

PS Got a Problem? Business Plan? I’m glad to review it with you. Solution? You can help folks that will be helping you when you Post it on these Blogs.

PS We continue our Tenant/Landlord 4 part Series for the next three months along with Positive, Informative Speakers. See you there! Happy Labor Day!!

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