What happens at our Real Estate Investor meetings.

You’re welcome to tour the Kitchen showroom, Flooring center and Warehouse with Jay if you arrive at 6pmDesignGroup47.com

6:30pm we’ve got Networking with Marcos authentic Pizza, first come, first served.

7:00 we have Buy-Sell-Needs-Wants, Market Update and the Latest from Home Depot. At this particular meeting, several months ago DJ covered Locks and Security, Len Theran from Professional Loss Adjusters told us what we HAVE to do, when we’ve got an Insurance Loss (not what we THINK, we should do!)

Julie, who’s a successful South Shore Painting Contractor (mainly Randolph to Plymouth) told us how we can estimate our Painting Projects similar to the way she successfully bids on them. She also cautioned us about a project where she was underbid (50% of her price) and how dangerous that can be for Owners and Managers.

9:00 We recapped and adjourned.

DJ, Len, Jay, Mike, Julie & Joe

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