Real Estate Gurus hit our Boston, MA area!

Recent radio ad:

“Do you want to make money flipping houses in the Boston area?

We’re looking for a small group of motivated individuals.

to join our Real Estate investing team.

You’ll learn our simple 3 step system for Flipping Homes right here in the local area

this is Mr. X, Star of the TV show Y

My team and I are looking for a handful of people in the Boston area who want to learn how to make money Flipping Houses in your spare time using Other Peoples Money.

Boston is a perfect market for our system and this week We’re holding free two hour educational workshop where you’ll learn how to make money Flipping Homes and how to build long term wealth with Income Properties.”

So what do you do, next week if you don’t have the thousands of dollars for the follow up education?

Simple join us at our meetings!

See you there, Mike Hurney, [email protected]

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