Good weekend and let’s hit this Short Sale program Tuesday!

I believe I shook this cold. Swam my full routine, about a mile at the Y this AM, and could have kept going. Last week I couldn’t put 3 laps together. Congestion and lung capacity seem to go hand in hand. The Pharmacist advised me to take Mucinex (disgusting commercial on TV) and it worked! Yesterday I tried the Asian Slaw recipe in the Boston Globe’s Parade magazine **** 4 stars, excellent and Adam Reid’s “Boeuf Aux Carottes” in the Globe Magazine!

This Winter’s been tough because I didn’t travel South for a Cruise. Let’s Cruise next February (2012) for a week on the Real Estate Investors Cruise and handle Winter better. What would prevent you from going? We have a year to overcome it! You in?

Ok, run at noon, Volleyball 8-10 tonight. Voice blast shortly, another email from Barton and see you soon! Mike

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