Good meeting last night…

Good morning,

It was good to see everybody on a warm evening and have an ice cream! It seems productive when we all introduce ourselves and let the rest of us know what you’re looking for. And there were some surprises!

I hope Victoria’s Market Update of Essex County was helpful as far as Inventory and Price Trends? Members and attendees are welcome to a copy if you send a us a quick email!

We’ve also got a copy of the Massachusetts Commission on Discrimination presentation from their Commissioner, same deal, you can send a quick email for it.

I outlined our Tenant Selection guidelines and it was interesting to hear the criteria you members use.

Kim was great with her 3 Steps to Create a Healthy Relationship with money, she modified the whole presentation just for Real Estate Investors. It seems to go back to whether we feel deserving of the compensation and that translates directly into how we act on it. Then she offered a free consultation for members and attendees!

Important – There’s an Ultimate Partnering 7 BootCamp by Dave Lindahl, coming up on August 14-16, 2015 in Boston It’s only $495. and Dave asked me to add a bonus of $99 for a one year membership to when you sign up with us. Mike 781-405-1845 [email protected] This is a tremendous opportunity and I’ll be there also!

Daniel was also great, he’s got a system for Emerging Market Investing that’s simplified and very focused which allows him to do very well! He says he’s not looking for Partners, Investors or Birddogs;-( so he had to be persuaded (Victoria his girlfriend) to share all that valuable information with (us) his “potential” competitors:-)

See you soon, Mike Hurney, Director PO Box 307, Marblehead, MA 01945 next Movers and Shakers 8/7/15 7-8:30pm at Denny’s in Danvers

PS At the meeting there were half a dozen of our members that just finished Dave Lindahl’s Multi Family BootCamp 7/17-19 and are going to the UP7 8/14-16 they would not give up the local Emerging Markets that Dave has picked and asked me NOT to divulge them either. However if you speak to them in private or attend UP7 you’ll find them out. Personally I agree with 2 of the 3.

PPS it was a Good meeting last night…

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