“Good” Contractors part 2

One of the best moves you as a Contractor can make, is to put together a WebSite (ever hear that before?).

e.g. www.ThomasHoyle.com

Besides giving you an Identity, It highlights your work, Gives out your Contact information (Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc) and can update your/company status whenever necessary!

Let’s face it, Who is a Good Contractor to me, may not be a Good Contractor to you. Also:

Where I am in the Process (of selection).

Time of year (inclement weather?  Paid taxes or received a Tax return).

And time of the month (as in Landlords usually like to be paid their Rents on the First of the Month because they’re usually meeting their own obligations on the First of the Month).

So, Good is very Subjective, depends on the person looking. While Objective is less, Subjective;-) as in “Just the Facts, ma’am.” Your website!

Furthermore, who doesn’t google people they’re working with? Most of us check on Both Contractors or Home/Property Owners, whoever we’re about to do business with. So don’t disappoint them, you could work on your web presence NOW!

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