Get ready for Fall

Thanks to Connie Eccles & Metro East Landlords Association
1. Windows and Doors
Check the space between the exterior siding and window and door frames. I use expensive Phenoseal which seems to last longer.
Check window frames for cracks, then spackle or plastic wood filler.
Paint window frames if necessary.
Clean storm window tracks and window sills where condensate drains.
Do doors close tightly? Weatherstrip if needed.
2. Yard
Cut grass on lower setting so leaves don’t stay. Mulch leaves with lawnmower, faster and fewer bags!
Clear dead leaves and plants. Any dead branches near power lines?
Trim back shrubs to within 18 inches of house. Mulch delicate plants.
Drain outdoor faucets and shut off water inside or have “Frost-proof sill cocks” installed which shut off inside.
Does any of the landscape slope towards your foundation, pitch it away now before water seeps in.
Plant your fall bulbs.
Thoroughly water your evergreens for an ample supply to survive a harsh Winter.
3. Up on the Roof.
Remove all leaves, twigs, balls, etc from drains, gutters and downspouts.
Replace torn or loose shingles. Secure any loose flashing.
On a rainy day, check attic for leaks.
Secure the mountings for antennas/satellite dishes. Check melting cables.
4. Plumbing and Heating
Have the heating system checked and serviced. Especially now, by a licensed expert like local, John Meli 508-369-7579 If he checks your system out it’s a lot less expensive than calling him in sub zero weather and trying to persuade him to even come out to “do something ” to get heat in your units or home.
Oil heat get it serviced or cleaned and tuned up annually!
Clean and lubricate ventilating and exhaust fans.
With forced hot air clean or replace the air filters.
Leave attic vents open so moist air doesn’t collect inside and cause “ice dams”.
Winterize all air-conditioning equipment.
5. Exteriors
Nail loose boards or trim.
Touch up paint using a wire brush to remove loose paint.
Patch any hairline cracks in the masonry.
Check untreated wood with an ice pick or awl. If it’s soft or shows evidence of rot, replace and seal.
6. Fireplace
Open the damper and using a flashlight check for any obstructions.
Have your chimney cleaned and inspected at least once a year.
Be sure that the bricks in the firebox are intact and tight.
7. Drives and Lots
Seal cracks and fill potholes.
Mark walks, hydrants and curbs with flags before it snows.
Check on your snow removal contracts. Make sure Tenants know if they’ll need to move for plowing.
Inspect snow blowers & plows. Get new snow shovels and snow melt stored and accesible at all properties for Tenants to shovel out in an emergency if needed before plow gets there.
and shovels.

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  1. Sump pumps and flashlights should be on hand for flooding power loss. A back up sump is a good idea, when you need one so will others and it will be first come first served. Portable generators another hot item during power outage.

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