You could get involved in our Buddy System.

Good morning [First Name],

Summary of our 9/9/16 meeting. Let me know if you’d like to get involved and see you 9/27/16 for our main meeting.

Interesting meeting last Friday at Movers and Shakers when we focused on our Buddy System (What do you have to offer? and What do you need to succeed?)

First we found consensus on what it takes to Buy-Fix-up-Sell/Rent!

Buy – Either outright purchase a property or get it Under Agreement to Purchase.

Fix-up – Add value with Clean-up, Rehab, or Staging.

Sell/Rent – Sell it outright for a chunk of Profit, 1031 Exchange it to defer taxes or Rent a property for residual income.

1. Someone to FIND a Deal (something we can make a profit on).

2. A Real Estate Broker for Comparable recent sales that can justify our Offer and ARV – After Repaired Value.

3. Contractors to help us Estimate the work we need and Perform that work.

4. An Attorney/Title Company to accommodate the transactions.

5. Financer – Someone to Lend us the Purchase, Rehab, Carrying money.
6. Real Estate Broker to Market the Property for Sale or Rent
needs a Finder, Has Contracting and Financing ability.
Lookng for people with money & look for birddogs

Looking for Deals to Flip. Has Realtor(?), Lawyer, Contractors, Cash.

Looking for 2-3 family in Hull & Winthrop. Has Financing, Realtor.

Looking for Funding & GC. Is a Realtor, Broker for Sales and Rentals. Finds Deals and and has experienced in Property Management.

Looking for Contractors, MLS Realtor. Has Property in Michigan & Renters in Springfield.

Looking for Deals on the North Shore, willing to pay $10,000. Fee.

Looking for partners on Multifamilies. Has an Interesting Deal.

Looking for Deals in Amesbury & Southern NH

Looking for properties in Salem, MA & the North Shore. Also looking for Finance and a Wholesaler.

We agreed that Finding a property to make money on was by far the hardest and most important part of this Project. However being able to find properties has the lowest barrier to entry i.e. you can peruse the web or knock on doors.
ND has a great idea to advertise on CraigsList for “BirdDogs”……

He’s agreed to do this for one month and distribute those “leads” to our small group for this project.

Fees to Norm for this service will run between $50. and $10,000. which will be agreed to in advance by the members of this group that respond to him

Good Luck and let’s see how we can make this work! Mike

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