Flood, this month, miss the low last Tuesday? email that just went out…

Good morning [First Name] and all Fellow Real Estate Investors,

Tom the Plumber and the Flood here last week. Who’s speaking this month? Get in the game!

Nice weekend, wow 85F in October. However last Tuesday 10/4 at 5:30 AM we had a record storm which dumped over 4 inches of rain in less than an hour. Only 3 of our houses had water, one with over 4 FEET in the basement which completely covered the boiler and water heater. Fortunately I was able to get Tom the Plumber for several hours. First he cleaned and relit the water heater, Bradford White Inc., with the new Icon gas control. Next the high efficiency Weil Mclain boiler had to be dried and all the circuits checked. Tom found only the Integrated Boiler controller needed to be replaced and the system runs fine. You can check his short video on the home page. Those videos change when you refresh the screen. See Auctions and the JunkYard dog too!

This month we have the pleasure of seeing MaryAnn from NTN. She runs the Tenant check service we use for everyone. I wouldn’t let my own mother in without running her through this unbelievable system. All the details October 25. Also Steve on SEO marketing. Know why your Craig’s List ad doesn’t pull like it used to? How about your Website? Is there a niche for you? Next month Housing Court Judge November 29, 2011.

Last Tuesday there was another phenomenon, on rates. I actually qualified 3 folks for l.oans. Two wanted to wait and think about it. The third, pulled the trigger and got a great deal. Now when the other two called on Friday to go ahead, it was up over two points to get the same deal as last Tuesday. Why? They say it’s the Tbill, currency, market, sunspots, etc but I honestly feel that Lenders lower their rate, get a lot of business, then increase the rate to slow it down and “digest” the traffic they committed to.

My point? If you like a particular rate, let’s set it up and I’ll do the Rate Watch for you. When it hits, I’ll be on the phone with you and you can pull the trigger!

“Consider the postage stamp: its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing until it gets there.”
– Josh Billings. So this week I’m sticking to FHA finance, that is three point five percent down on purchases for those that qualify. You can call my cell 781-248-6907 or email [email protected] We’ll try to set you up and get you in the game. I’ve also put an information sheet together if you’d like, with advice from the biggest investor I’ve ever met and an inspection sheet for that FHA. Good luck investing.

Movers and Shakers (and beginners) this week Friday 10/14, 7:00 – 8:30PM at Dennys in Danvers, refreshments, round table with successes and road blocks to overcome, where are the opportunities in your “farm” area?

See you soon, Mike

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