How Flipping is like meeting your Spouse for the First Time.

How Flipping is like meeting your Spouse for the First Time.

After listening to several “future” Investors at a SubGroup meeting, it struck me that they had done some Homework on the Values but even after meeting the potential Sellers, they still had no idea:

Of any their Likes, DisLikes or HotButtons.

Why they were Selling?

How much they needed to Sell for?

or even

What they’d do with that Money?

My point this morning is that in a Meeting or Sales situation, it ain’t about me, it’s ALL about you! We’ll be spending some time on this Tuesday, October 28!

Good morning Investors, Contractors and Landlords,

Don’t forget to mark your Calender for our next meeting Tuesday, October 28, 2014

6:00pm SubGroup Buying & Selling Notes for a Profit. All are invited, no charge.

7:00pm Main meeting, Buy-Sell/Rent-Networking, light refreshments. Update on the Real Estate Market and how to Finance for it.

Panel of Flippers/Buy-FixUp-Sell/Rent. If you’re tired of theory, Reading Blogs of BS? Then Join us and hear how these guys are actually DOING IT!

9:00pm Recap and Adjourn.

Wow are rates down. If you’re thinking about it? You can give me a shout 781-405-1845 cell or [email protected] NMLS #43341 licensed in MA & NH

2014 began with the 10 year Tbill at 3.00. That’s what drives the highest Mortgage Rate (30 year fixed). The previous year low was 2.35 in August 2014. Yesterday it was 2.15, that is significant!

What’s next? Most folks can figure it out AFTER it happens but I’ve only met one person that can predict what’s next. So what do you think? Rates will go back up? Remain Low? Go even Lower? It’s your money and if I can cut your monthly Payment on a Refinance or Purchase Mortgage? Let me know right away and we’ll put it together now.

See you soon, Mike Hurney, Director PO Box 307, Marblehead, MA 01945 Office 781-639-8616

SubGroup and Main meeting at the SpringHill Suites Hotel, 43 Newbury Street (Route 1 North just before Sonic carhop) Peabody, MA 01960 No charge to Members for Main meeting “Flippers”, Only $25.00 for Guests, Only $99./year to join.

PS Fall/Winter Checklist for Property Owners next week.

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