fastest computer

fastest computer

OK, July 4, 2016 great weather, family, plenty of good food and some interesting Fireworks tonight to celebrate.

(My daughter Victoria wanted me to remind you that July 5 is usually the day that most Pet Shelters receive the most runaway dogs and ask you to minimize the sounds tonight that your pet may be subjected to.)

Since July 4th reminds us of our Independence let’s not forget that it’s nice to be Independent from a JOB as in being a Successful Real Estate Investor. It’s nice to not have to punch in for a 9-5 job with the MAN but doing something YOU like can often be more than 40hours a week.

So since this is the halfway mark for 2016 and I’m sure that more than half your goals have been met… let’s hit it hard and exceed our plans for 2016.

I’d like to start this Friday at Movers and Shakers to build your Power Team!

1. Do you need a partner? Or someone you can Contract with for Services?

2. What are the necessary skills needed to complete a Deal?

3. What do you bring to the table as part of those necessary skills?

Don’t forget we all started with nothing. When we’re born we can’t even cry or eat, so everything that someone else successful does is a learned skill.

But as I pointed out in my course “How to Become a Real Estate Investor in 12 Easy Lessons” by Mike Hurney that there’s a limit to what you can do that makes sense:

Do you want to travel to Brasil for the latex to make yourself a set of tires? or can you contract that out;-)

4. What services are available?

5. How do you vet those Service providers/

I look forward to see you this Friday July 8, 2016 7-8:30pm Movers and Shakers at Dennys, danvers which will prep us for one of the most important meetings Tuesday, July 26, 2016 6:30-9:00pm for Multi family Investing with Dave Lindahl at

Again, I’m wishing you a safe and happy independence day and I’ll see you soon, Mike Hurney, Director,
10 minutes on topic:
Dan invited me to a group where Investors lend support to each other. There are a lot of books, videos and sites that are recommended. However the best advice that came to my mind, from several very successful investors, is:

What’s the one most important item you can do that will get you ahead? Then “Just Do It!” (Nike sneakers)

I’ve found that Goals are also important, not the minutiae and “micro managing” infinite nuber of tasks BUT simply THE END GOAL. House, Car, Girl, Dough? be specific and write it down on a Postit  on your screen or refrigerator.
Now, here’s what happens…
As of June 2016 the fastest supercomputer in the world is the Sunway TaihuLight, with a Linpack benchmark of 93 petaFLOPS(PFLOPS), exceeding the previous record holder, Tianhe-2, by around 59 PFLOPS.
Your subconscious mind is still the most powerful computer on Earth and more important, You have direct, free access to it!
Most people have something like a Pentium computer running Windows, or a Macintosh. A computer like this can execute approximately 100 million instructions per second. Your particular machine might be twice that fast or half that fast, but that’s the ballpark. (
Your brain is made up of about one trillion cells with 100 trillion connections between those cells. We might take a rough estimate and say it is handling 10 quadrillion instructions per second, but it really is hard to say.
Just use it!

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