Fall Maintenance Checklist

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Here’s a Fall Chore Checklist

Windows and Doors.

Caulk the joints between the exterior siding and window and door frames.

Check window frames for cracks and Spackle or fill them.

Paint window frames if necessary.

Hang storm windows, if you still have them…

In the Yard.

Clear away dead leaves and plants. If the branches are close to your power lines, you’ll want to contact the utility company.

Trim back shrubs, especially those that are within 18 inches of the house as well as any weak or damaged branches that might fall and cause damage to people or vehicles.

Mulch delicate plants.

Drain outdoor faucets, hoses and cut off the water. You may consider a “frost-proof sill cock” to shut the water off and prevent freezing.

Check the perimeter of your foundation and make sure the ground (and downspouts) don’t slope toward the house. Water and Ice may collect and cause damage.

Mow the lawn and fertilize it.

Plant Fall bulbs.

Use your lawnmower to mulch autumn leaves before you bag them. Result: Faster and fewer bags.

Drain the fuel from your lawn-mowing equipment.

Up on the Roof.

Remove all leaves , twigs, balls, etc from gutters, downspouts and drains.

Replace torn or loose shingles; patch asphalt if needed. Secure any loose flashing.

On a rainy day, check the attic for leaks.

Secure the mountings for antennas and dishes.

Check melting cables.

Plumbing and Heating.

Have the heating system checked, started and serviced.

Clean and lubricate ventilating and exhaust fans.

If you have a forced air heating system, clean or replace the air filters.

Leave attic vents open so moisture doesn’t collect inside.

Winterize all air-conditioning equipment.


Nail loose boards or trim.

Touch up paint, using a wire brush to remove flakes and touch sand until smooth.

Patch any hairline cracks in the masonry.

Check untreated wood with an ice pick. If it’s very soft or shows evidence of rot, remove the damage and fill the area with a plastic wood sealer.


Open the damper, use a flashlight to look up in to the flue to see if anything is blocking the chimney.

Have your chimney cleaned and inspected once a year.

Be sure the bricks in the firebox are intact and tight.

Make sure the damper closes tightly when not in use.

Drives and Lots

Seal cracks and fill potholes.

Mark walks, hydrants & curbs with flags.

Establish snow removal contracts.

Inspect snow blowers, plows and snow shovels. Purchase shear pins, shovels, salt and sand BEFORE the 1st snow storm when there’s a run on them. Seems snow is starting later and later almost to the beginning of the year.


Also Important.

Test your smoke/fire alarms and change the batteries. Traditionally, at Daylight Savings time (this year November 6, 2016).

Remove any window A/C units, rinse the filters with a very dilute chlorox mix. Also you may want to clean the sills where the units were installed.

Clean and reseal your driveways

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