Fall Checklist, Condos & Movers Friday 10/4 7 PM

Email that went out this morning…

Wow, heat on already (Mass law says by 9/15).

Fall Checklist
*Turn the heat back on? With natural gas, do you save anything by closing your account and paying a “turn-on” fee? I like it on because it dries out the basements where our heating systems are located.
*Outdoor garden hoses, turn off the spigot and drain. Maybe have one of our Plumbers install a “frost-proof sill cock” (outside water connection) so it won’t freeze, split open and flood.
*Salt and sand buckets. We’ve repaired a lot of brick stairs this Summer so I’m reluctant to provide salt for those houses but compared to a “slip and fall” suit it might make sense? We at least provide new snow shovels (spray painting the house number on them).
*Plowing contracts to review with our Landscapers (can repair any damage in the Spring that may occur from them when plowing;-)
*Check your roof,  gutters, drains.

It struck me as ironic at our last meeting that out of the more than 50 folks who showed up to hear the Judge, that at least 10 were Contractors who I know and would recommend (also 5 Attorneys;-(.

A. You may want to call them? And as an example have a Plumbing/Heating guy come out and go through your system (Maybe $50-100 for their time) to make any recommendations. Maybe an expansion tank is flooded, a slow leak somewhere, a toilet running….

B. Or have a Roofer/exterior contractor look over your Roof, Gutters, Drains and Siding, again for recommendations, something may need a drain screen, unclog downspouts, loose siding ready to blow off?

C. You could have an Electrician check out your service? Maybe a rusty disconnect can be replaced, breakers are not tripping, outside lights not working, branches by the service line?

D. Our Appliance guy could take care of that squealing dryer (mine yesterday), in-sink-erator or back burner on the stove not working?

The biggest advantage of contacting these (A,B,C & D above) Professionals and having them do a quick once over (for small $ of course) is that when you need them, they’ll be there! Because you’re a known entity to them and in turn they’re a trusted resource for you. Remember going through the yellow pages or google or paying that high fee just to look at Angry’s List and find a “local” contractor that covers New England with a Groupon?
Big sale at Sherwin Williams ended 9/23 but we, with the MassRealEstate.net discount cards don’t care, we always get the best prices, Say hi to Brian if you’re in the Salem store! We’re trying to finish painting (can go down to 45F?) then we’ve got some siding projects. [email protected] 781-639-8616 office

Concentrating on Condo financing this next month, we’ve done so many that we’ve got it down to a quick checklist for our Investors and a “Burn List” so we don’t waste your time on something we can’t do. [email protected] 781-405-1845 cell NMLS #43341

No meeting tonight, Movers and Shakers Friday October 4.

See you soon, good luck investing, Mike Hurney

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