Hey Real Estate Investors, I recently attended an Advanced Investors meeting and surprisingly one investor asked about “Creative Financing” which floored me. That’s so straightforward I couldn’t believe he didn’t have it down. (Want the skinny on Creative? If there’s any interest, send a quick email to me at [email protected] and I’ll post a Blog on it.

Back to my point which is, you’ve got to stay up on the business and Internet, period!  They change so fast and help our businesses so much that we can’t ignore the changes. To do this we’ve got to be reading a book a week. No big feat. At the meeting, we had just reviewed two excellent books that most of us had read.

If you do not read that much you become susceptible to BS, which is advice from someone who is not in our business and is not successful in our business. The other problem is hearsay, which I taught my kids early on, to identify. e.g. When you log onto your Google or Yahoo starting page, there’s liable to be a story of interest to you. Maybe “Folks who eat Blueberries live 5% longer lives or enjoy companionship 10% more. We usually accept this, berries seem healthy, I agree.  What you don’t realize is that this story was put out by the ABC Blueberry Growers Association. Also that people who eat blueberries on a regular basis are fairly conscientious about their health. In addition these folks probably don’t smoke, don’t drink in excess, don’t eat in excess and are careful about eating food that are acknowledged as better for us (chicken vs red meat, vegetables vs sweets and deserts, etc).

Same with Real Estate and values and sales and financing, there’s a lot of BS and Hearsay out there. My advice is to stay up on these topics, education doesn’t stop.

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